Getting Through This Together

We strongly believe in investing in our partnerships to help equip organizations across the globe with the best in contact centre cloud compliance technology.  Our mission is to be the preferred solution our partners turn to for achieving PCI Compliance for Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments.   During this difficult time, we want to provide our partners with the best tools to promote and sell award-winning PCI Compliance solutions.

To make the promotion of PCI Compliance solutions easier, we have launched a list of Partner Campaigns within our Partner Portal full of assets that connect with and educate organisations. It is important to us that we are answering the compliance questions arising, and we’re excited to provide materials to our partners that do the same.

AppSec/API Security 2022

Our newly launched campaigns cover topics such as remote working, regulation, and cloud compliance. The clean and direct navigation of our portal provides our partners with easy access to the resources they need on demand.

We are proud of the partnerships we have in place and their ability to provide excellent solutions to organizations across the globe. Among our list of industry-leading partners, we have seen the PCI Pal and 8×8 partnership result in implemented solutions that reduce average call handling times by up to 20% whilst reducing the amount of time dedicated to PCI compliance. In addition, Eric Rossman, VP of Partners and Alliances at Avaya states, “As a member of the Avaya DevConnect Program, PCI Pal is well placed to help joint customers extend the value of contact centre investments and ultimately accelerate the speed at which their organization delivers true value to the bottom line, in a safe and compliant way.” In 2019, PCI Pal was named Genesys’ AppFoundry Partner of the Year, and started out 2020 by advancing to a Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner.

Our focus on building strategic partnerships can be summarized in three key points.

  1. Industry Leading Sales Teams and Personnel. Our partners are carefully selected industry leaders in relationship management. It makes the most sense for us to equip these sales teams with the right resources to provide a seamless solution to their customers and prospects. Organizations are looking for a well-connected solution within their contact centre, and that’s what we hope to provide.
  2. Global Accessibility to Customers. With partners in territories across the globe, we’re able to match our global cloud-based solutions with the regional support of having a partner in any region.
  3. Invest Time in the Technology and Customer/Partnership Support. By not having to put a hyper-focus on direct sales, this allows us to invest our times in advancing our current technology, listening to our partners and consumers, and developing tomorrow’s technology, all while providing the best in customer and partnership support and resources.

To learn more about partnering with PCI Pal, or to access the portal, visit us here.

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