It’s hard not to say that 5G technology brings a lot of benefits. 5G entails faster download speeds, and yes, if you have a 5G-enabled handset, you could hear and appreciate the speed increases for videos, gaming, etc. However, 5G provides added benefits that go way above those for the everyday user.

Let’s take a look at the high speed and low latency of 5G. There are a lot of areas or industries that require pinpoint accuracy and precision. Among them is the medical industry and its ongoing research to enable doctors to perform surgeries remotely, without the need to have them on site.

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Imagine how many lives could be saved if a doctor sitting in one country was able to log in and perform life-saving surgery via the internet in another country.

The benefits are huge but the risks are too. Imagine if the internet started buffering during one of these remote surgeries. Even just a few seconds could mean the difference between life or death. The speed and stability of 5G technology would eradicate these concerns.

Automated cars provide us with another example. In order to realize the goal of self-driving cars, innovative car manufacturers are designing their autonomous models to rely heavily on location data. GPS coordinates are a good start, but it’s imperative that these and other location data points be sent and received to the controlling servers in as close to real time as possible.

As 5G is able to send and receive larger data files quickly, more data can be transmitted which can include additional information on location, such as waypoints, street markings, etc. When combined with GPS co-ordinates, 5G technology will increase location accuracy and response times while reducing the risk of an accident and potential loss of life.

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