With so many businesses transitioning to remote work environments, online tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex have quickly become critical to day-to-day operations. These tools make it possible to hold virtual meetings complete with virtual whiteboards and share files via chat. But if you need to communicate confidential business information quickly and privately, you’ll need a secure messaging solution. Here’s why.


Send Colleagues Private, Confidential Information – Even When They’re Not Logged In

The reality is that, even when working from home, people are not always immediately available. Say you need to share important information with a co-worker, but they aren’t able to talk via video or phone. Using a secure messaging solution, you can privately send confidential business information to all their devices, ensuring it reaches them.


Share Private Information Without Worrying About It Being Hacked

Video conferencing is a great way to hold meetings – if you’re not sharing confidential business information. With a secure messaging solution, you can privately and secure discuss sensitive information and share confidential documents directly or with a group, without fear of leaks or unintended sharing.


Easily and Safely Connect with Your IT Department on an Independent Network

Hackers have been quick to take advantage of people working from home, contacting IT departments and pretending to be confused employees in order to gain remote access. The right secure messaging solution provides an alternative two-way communication channel for recovering lost passwords, troubleshooting remote access and other IT needs. And since the right secure messaging solution prevents unauthorized users from gaining access, you can be sure that anyone sending messages over the network is legitimate.


These next few weeks could change the way we work forever, including the tools we rely on to do business. A combination of video conferencing tools and a secure messaging solution provides the one-on-one collaboration needed to generate ideas while making it easy to communicate highly confidential information without risk of it being compromised. Vaporstream offers a secure messaging solution that makes sure your employees can privately and securely have confidential conversations, even if your primary network isn’t available, all while protecting your business and employees’ private information from hackers and other bad actors. You can reach colleagues easily and quickly through business texting that can be set to alert recipients in an emergency or even escalated to the next available person.


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