Product Update: What’s New in Siemplify v5.5

Today we announced the general availability of v5.5 of the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. Like all our major releases, the new version is packed with new features that enable smarter, more automated security operations at scale. 

Here are the highlights:

Measure your EVERYTHING with Business Intelligence

One of the major benefits of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platforms is that all analyst activity is captured in a single place as opposed to multiple disparate tools and spreadsheets. SOAR platforms finally allow security operations centers (SOCs) to rise above the daily firefighting and generate actionable insights from this data. The newly introduced Siemplify business intelligence module (powered by Tableau) takes SOC analytics to the next level with virtually unlimited flexibility to view trends and visualize data.

Be in Control with Playbook Monitoring

Playbooks are at the heart of any SOAR platform, and as such, drag and drop playbook building has already become a commodity feature. But as SOAR implementations mature to deliver even more value, organizations are creating more and more playbooks, each executed dozens, or even hundreds of times per day. This is where playbook lifecycle management comes into play with its ability to effectively create, maintain and optimize playbooks at scale. 

Version 5.5 takes playbook lifecycle management to the next level with a unique playbook monitor. The monitor provides complete visibility into playbook performance the number of times it was run, how long it ran for and how effective it was in completing its goal. This visibility is paramount to allow organizations to pinpoint areas of improvement and maintain an optimized playbook library.

Hit the Ground Running with the Use Cases Marketplace

One of the mantras you’ll hear us recite over and over again at Siemplify is “time to value.” Getting value from a SOAR solution is not effortless, but we try to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible.

Our marketplace now includes a use cases section. A use case includes everything security operations teams need to address a specific scenario (such as phishing, malware analysis and more) from playbooks and integrations to test data and video tutorials. In the marketplace, cases can be downloaded in their entirety for lightning fast time to value. The marketplace will keep expanding with new use cases being added by both Siemplify experts and members of our community, so make sure to check in often, or better yet, contribute your own use case.

More Control over Integrations and Environments

Improved control of environments and their integrations greatly simplifies security operations for MSSPs, as well as enterprises serving multiple business units. SOCs can configure multiple integrations and playbooks with complete control over the tenants in which they will be used.

What Else?

Our customers spoke, and we listened. From more granular control of notifications to hotkeys and much more, there are dozens of new enhancements that await in v5.5. Existing customers are encouraged to read the release notes for the complete picture.

To experience v5.5 for yourself, download our Community Edition or request a private demo.

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