PreVeil Offers Service for Free to Help Critical Infrastructure Institutions

As a public service effective today, PreVeil is offering its encrypted email and file-sharing solutions at no charge to critical infrastructure institutions battling the coronavirus crisis, including:

  • Federal, state and local governments and agencies
  • First responders and crisis management teams
  • Healthcare non-profits
  • Higher-ed institutions

We are pleased to make this contribution to help secure and support the important work of these organizations.
This offer comes at a key time for agencies and teams that have been forced to work from home to help flatten the curve of the pandemic’s spread. While office settings are likely to have a robust internal network, most at-home networks don’t have such security resources. In addition, the sudden transition to remote work in the thick of a crisis has also meant more opportunity for cyber criminals hoping to trick employees into giving up their passwords. As the New York Times recently reported:
Criminals are dressing up password-stealing messages and malicious software as coronavirus-themed alerts, warnings, or apps.

Threat actors have been successful by referencing COVID-19 in phishing attacks designed to steal passwords or to drop additional malware. These attacks prey on the fears of victims and often use a sense of urgency to get the victim to click.

Sadly, these types of tricks are bound to continue as a lure for the duration of the outbreak . And, with demand for IT support under significant strain, these workers don’t have the resources that would have been available at their normal office that could advise them on protective measures.

Given this cybersecurity challenge, PreVeil wants to help keep America’s frontline institutions and government agencies protected as they move at scale to remote online work. PreVeil’s 100% end-to-end encryption protects email, files and data even when networks or servers are breached and administrators are compromised. That means that no one other than your intended recipients—not even PreVeil—can read your communications or access your data, ever.

PreVeil also helps shut down password attacks. PreVeil doesn’t use passwords. Instead, we authenticate users via strong cryptographic keys that can’t be guessed or stolen. The keys are automatically created and stored on users’ devices, meaning that there is no one central point of attack for hackers to target.

Today, executive strategy sessions, crisis management planning, sensitive government work, and more, are happening on home computers, laptops and mobile devices with questionable levels of security. With PreVeil, the quality of workers’ home computers or devices is no longer an issue: instead of worrying about security vulnerabilities and cyberattacks, workers can focus on the task in front of them.

By offering PreVeil for free for the duration of the coronavirus crisis, we hope to do our part to keep Americans healthy and safe. Please contact us PreVeil so that we can help you now.

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