Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science

At DivvyCloud, we are constantly thinking about innovation. We strive to innovate for our customers so they have the freedom to innovate for their customers. At its core, innovation often relies upon those of us working in STEM fields. But when you look at the composition of those working in STEM, there is a distinct gender imbalance. According to the United Nations, less than 30 percent of researchers worldwide are women, and only around 30 percent of all female students select STEM-related fields in higher education. Globally, female student enrollment is particularly low (3 percent) in information communications and technology. This is a problem because diversity of all kinds leads to more comprehensive reasoning, perspectives, and experiences in the composition and execution of products and solutions. 

As a female enterprise cloud architect working on innovative cloud solutions at DivvyCloud, I have seen firsthand how diversity drives the success of teams striving to innovate within the cloud security and compliance field. This is particularly true for teams working on solutions orchestrated in cloud-native architectures. Take microservices, for example. How do you manage security, traffic, and data-driven telemetry? It’s called a service mesh. 

I was given a unique opportunity to write about service mesh, and I hope to break barriers for women in STEM, especially those in cloud technology. After lots of hard work and dedication, my first book, Mastering Service Mesh, will be released in the near future. So today, in recognition of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I encourage all women in STEM to write, tweet, blog, and be an advocate for your own outstanding work and projects.

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