Why I joined Imperva

I’ve been in the cybersecurity industry for a couple of decades now, and the tech industry even longer. If there’s one thing I’ve learned across all my roles, it’s the value of focusing on customer experience. It sounds intuitive, right? I’m sure many of you are nodding your heads or giving me the teen-perfected “eye roll.” If it’s so fundamental, then why do companies experience high rates of customer turnover and low net promoter scores?

That’s because although the concept is easy, the underlying work to transform your company such that every person thinks and acts “customer first” is difficult. The formula for highly satisfied customers requires great products that solve real needs, a sales and channel partner team that serves as trusted advisors vs. sellers, a services and support team who can empathize and solve customers issues on the spot. And, an entire workforce who truly cares about their customers.

So, why did I join Imperva? That formula I just mentioned … we have it. Is there room to improve? Always. I joined because we have everything it takes to delight customers and become the best at protecting our customer’s most vital digital assets – their data and applications.

During the hiring process, I was energized by the people I met and the challenges and opportunities they described. I left every interview thinking ‘I want to work with him/her.”

In one of my prior companies, our customer obsession resulted in a 92% renewal rate and an attach rate that was close to 100%. I have no doubt that Imperva will reach that level of customer loyalty. That’s what an amazing customer experience can do for a business.

I’m so excited I made the decision to join Imperava!

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