Precise, Practical POCs by Brian Contos

POCs (or proof of concepts) are often necessary and hopefully useful exercises. However, they can be a major resource drain for customers and vendors alike. Unfortunately, when putting multiple, competitive solutions through a POC, it can be extremely challenging to efficiently and effectively evaluate which solution is best for your environment.

It can also be difficult to separate marketing and the “art of the possible” from the reality of an actual product without a more precise and practical approach to POCs that’s repeatable, simple and yields understandable results.

Check out this Verodin Office of the CISO Brief that outlines how the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP)can help you evaluate the new endpoint, network and cloud security solutions you are considering for purchase.

The Verodin SIP “Evaluation” capability helps by allowing you to 

  • Leverage an existing evaluation test suite, or easily create a custom evaluation test suite, for repeatable and consistent security solution testing to validate how competitive offerings compare and how vendors stand up to their own claims with an apples-to-apples comparison
  • Reevaluate solutions following tuning, patching and other adjustments that are made during the POC
  • Understand the results of a single solution or multiple solutions in a simple report

Some evaluation use cases include 

  • Endpoint – comparing your existing solution to its possible replacement to simply see which one performs best in the face of destructive and non-destructive tests
  • DLP – knowing which DLP actually works best across multiple exfiltration types, levels of compression, types of compression, etc.
  • Firewall – determining what product has the best default policy to balance blocking vs. alerting
  • IPS – seeing which product generates the most useful alerts for your SIEM
  • WAF – evaluating the best solution for defending against specific attack types like a suite of SQL Injections attacks

Once you’ve chosen your security solution, Verodin SIP can be used to continuously validate that your solution is operating as desired and continues to operate as desired over time in the face of new attacks, patches, configuration changes, employee changes, mistakes, etc.

More simply put, Verodin SIP helps make sure you are buying the best solution for your needs and that you continue to get value from that solution over time.

For more information on how Verodin SIP can help you conduct better POCs, check out this Verodin Office of the CISO Brief.

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