No Jitter Feature: No Jitter Roll Five for Friday

PCI Pal’s recent press release has been featured in No Jitter.

A look at the latest news coming from Amazon Web Services, 128 Technology, Avaya, PCI Pal, NextPlane, Poly, and Peerless Network. In this week’s No Jitter Roll, we share the latest on ingress routing for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, a new Avaya DevConnect partner, a new intra-domain UCC interoperability service, a headset and audio processor launch, and an SMS/MMS messaging solution.


AWS, 128 Technology Take the Ingress Route

Software-based networking company 128 Technology announced support for Amazon VPC Ingress Routing, which was unveiled during AWS re:Invent 2019. Enhancing the functionality of Amazon VPC, the Ingress Routing service allows enterprises to define routing rules at the Internet gateway and virtual private gateway that send ingress traffic to their network and security appliances, such as offered by 128 Technology, rather than having the traffic go directly to the final destination, 128 Technology said. For UCC applications, an enterprise could use Ingress Routing to direct call loads to different session border controllers, for example, said Ritesh Mukherjee, VP of product management, 128 Technology. In addition, they could use the service to intelligently route traffic for advanced sentiment analysis of calls, and “service chain with third-party devices for security,” he said. Versa NetworkVectraFortinet, and other appliance vendors also have announced support for Ingress Routing on their appliances.


Avaya, PCI Pal Partner Up for Interoperability

Payment software provider PCI Pal this week announced that it has joined Avaya’s DevConnect program as a technology partner. As a DevConnect partner, PCI Pal will work on integrating its telephone payment software into Avaya telephony and contact centre systems, according to the companies. With the DevConnect program, Avaya provides a range of technical education, access, and support for Avaya platforms and interfaces, and technology partners receive additional benefits like joint compliance testing activities and co-marketing support on Avaya initiatives, Avaya and PCI Pal said.


NextPlane Releases Intradomain Interop Service

Federation service provider NextPlane this week unveiled intra-domain interoperability for its ConverseCloud service. Historically, disparate collaboration platforms wouldn’t allow for chats or presences to be exchanged between the platforms, and traffic from different platforms wouldn’t be recognized as being from the same domain, Nextplane said. This new capability allows users on different UC and team collaboration platforms — Microsoft Teams or Slack, for example — to work seamlessly across different platforms, even if when those platforms share a domain name. The ConverseCloud service accomplishes intradomain interoperability with patented technology that is able to distinguish traffic from different platforms on the same domain, and route to the proper destination, NextPlane said.


Poly Launches Latest Headset, Audio Processor

Poly revealed the EncorePro 300 headset and the MDA 500QD Series audio processor, both designed with the contact centre in mind. The EncorePro 300, an entry-level headset, features a USB connection, a flexible microphone boom, acoustic protection, and dynamic mute alerts through the attached inline call control device, Poly said. Designed for contact centres moving to the cloud, the MDA 500QD allows contact centre agents to connect from either a desktop phone or PC/Mac and provides analytics through Plantronics Manager Pro (a separate software-as-a-service offering), according to Poly. The EncorePro 300 and MDA 500QD are currently available in North America and will head to EMEA and APAC regions in March 2020, Poly said. The EncorePro 300 costs $80, while the MDA 500QD is available for $150.


Peerless Network Gets the Message

Telecom service provider Peerless Network now offers an application-to-person (A2P) enterprise messaging service, which supports end-to-end one-way and two-way SMS/MMS messaging for long codes and toll-free numbers. Additionally, Peerless Network customers will receive access to the Peerless Portal, where they can manage their A2P and other services and receive support in initial setup, Peerless Network said.

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