US DOJ Charges Two (and One Other) Former Twitter Employees Under 18 United States Code 951 & 18 United States Code 1519

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Specifically, in charges filed by Letitia Wu, Special Agent assigned to the Counterintelligence Division, United States Federal Bureau of Investigation: Three suspects have been charged (the preceding downloadable file, stored at the Washington Post, was published with the original reporting) (with one detained in the United States, as the remaining two are reportedly currently physically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for allegedly violating 18 USC 951: Acting as Agent of Foreign Government Without Notice to Attorney General and 18 USC 1519: Destruction, Alteration, or Falsification of Records in Federal Investigations.

‘The Justice Department has charged two former Twitter employees with spying for Saudi Arabia by accessing the company’s information on dissidents who use the platform, marking the first time federal prosecutors have publicly accused the kingdom of running agents in the United States.’

‘…’Prosecutors said a third individual, Saudi citizen Ahmed Almutairi, acted as an intermediary between Saudi officials and the Twitter employees. He is also charged with spying. Alzabarah and Almutairi are believed to be in Saudi Arabia.’ – via Ellen Nakashima and Greg Bensinger – both reporters at the Washington Post

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