Remote File Transfer: How to Sync Files Remotely on Mobile Devices

How to sync files remotely on mobile devices
Remote File Transfer

Remote file transfer, as the name suggests is the process of transferring a file on a remote computer or a device, over the air. This is carried out with the help of a file transfer application. In the world of hyper-connected devices equipped with applications, email or a cloud-based storage app like Google Drive is commonly used for remote file transfer. Also, messenger apps and social network apps are widely used for transferring files remotely.

For devices used in a corporate environment, IT admins need to transfer files remotely using a more secure alternative. Also, on managed devices deployed as kiosks, the above-mentioned apps are not necessarily allowed. 

Moreover, the IT teams need to have remote file access on the corporate-owned devices to troubleshoot device errors or issues. This holds especially true for unmonitored devices. 

Using remote file sync, IT teams can access files on a device operating remotely without any manual intervention.

Scalefusion MDM offers remote file sync for corporate-owned Android devices. Using Scalefusion remote control file transfer feature, IT admins can:

  • Access files on a remote device
  • Upload a file on a remote device
  • Download a file from a remote device
  • Delete a file from a remote device

This feature is available within the Remote Cast & Control feature of the Scalefusion dashboard.

Let us see how to transfer files remotely using Scalefusion Remote File Sync:

1. Navigate to the Remote Cast & Control Section of the Scalefusion dashboard. From the list of available devices, select the device that you want to sync files remotely. Click on the start session button on the right to initiate the remote cast session/file sync on the device.

2. Now you can start the remote file access by clicking on the Start File Sync button on the screen.

3. You are now granted remote access to all the files on the device. You can initiate a remote file transfer to and fro the managed Android device.

4. You can navigate and upload a file to a particular folder from the computer through which you are accessing the Scalefusion dashboard.

5. You can also select a file, download it or delete it from the accessed device. To stop the file sync, simply click on the stop file sync button on the right.

6. Alternatively, you can also remotely sync files by starting the remote cast session. As soon as the cast session is started, the files can be accessed remotely.

7. You can now see the entire files on the device, access it remotely during the remote cast session. To upload a file on the device, click on can on the upload button during the file sync session.

8. You can also select and download any file remotely.

9. Or you can select any file and delete it from the device. You will be asked for a deletion confirmation on which you can click delete to continue.

Scalefusion facilitates remote file access and remote file transfer through its unique MDM feature of Remote Cast & Control. IT admins can remotely transfer critical files on manage devices and also download or delete files from the remote devices in a few simple steps.

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