SBN New ZeroNorth Platform Capabilities Focus on Integrations to Better Manage Business Risk and Drive Security into DevOps

The ZeroNorth platform for risk-based vulnerability orchestration enables organizations to embrace critical digital transformation initiatives, such as DevOps, the cloud and microservices, without leaving security behind.

Today, we announced new capabilities to the platform that help bridge the gap between security and development teams, more closely align security intelligence with business initiatives and provide deeper insight into risk across applications and infrastructure.

These new capabilities include:

Strategic integrations to enable developers: Facilitates integration with the software pipeline platforms developers use most, such as GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps and BitBucket. As a result, the ZeroNorth platform is able to:

  • Provide a security overlay to the pipeline platforms
  • Consume the security telemetry pipeline platforms natively produce
  • Integrate with and scan material deposited in or built by the pipelines’ source code repositories and pipelines respectively
  • Notify developers of risk and remediation advice in the pipeline platforms’ native forms

Actionable risk intelligence: Customers are now able to contextualize test and vulnerability scan data for business through advanced tagging, filtering and analytics. By clearly aligning security intelligence with the business, security teams can more effectively prioritize remediation efforts.

Integrations that strengthen overall security: New integrations with market leaders Redlock and Onapsis provide deeper insight and visibility into risk across applications and infrastructure.

You can read more details of the release here. If you’d like to go a bit deeper, you can watch our 20-minute speed demo video or contact us for a conversation.

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