Lock Chrome Browser for Online Exams on Windows 10 devices

Facilitate online exams with Scalefusion

Online examinations are rapidly replacing conventional paper-pen based examinations across the world, especially in the developed countries. Online examinations are preferred over the traditional tests and exams since they are technology inclusive, which is extremely important for today’s tech-savvy world. Online exams pave way for quicker test results & analysis and offer flexibility to take the tests. 

As the bodies conducting online exams set up the digital infrastructure, it is important to secure the devices to prevent data leak and configure the apps to avoid misuse. Online examinations conducted at designated exam centers are facilitated using a Windows 10 device and chrome browser where the pupils need to access the exam portal.

Scalefusion MDM steps in to configure and secure Windows 10 devices and Chrome browser to create a safe ecosystem for conducting online examinations. 

Let’s us have a look at the 5 different capabilities of Scalefusion to configure Chrome browser in online exam on Windows 10 devices: 

1. Allowing only specific websites

The internet is full of information that can serve as a perfect material for answering exam questions. To prevent examinees from accessing the web for solutions, administrators can centrally whitelist only certain websites with Scalefusion that are required while attempting the exam. All other websites are blocked on the Chrome browser on the Windows 10 websites. 

2. Configure default home page

One of the most critical elements in any exam is time management. To ensure that examinees have an optimized user experience to start writing the test on chrome browser in online exams, administrators can configure the home page using Scalefusion. 

This helps the examinees in quickly accessing the required web page.

3. Set up bookmarks

If an examination requires and permits the examinees to access to certain websites, administrators can bookmark these websites and add a bookmarks folder to Chrome browser on Windows 10 devices used for online exams. Examinees can then quickly access these websites during the examination. 

4. Lesser Distractions

It is crucial to prevent the examinees from being distracted, even while they are accessing help websites or other web pages needed. With Scalefusion, IT admins can block popups and flash plugins.

5. Secure Browsing

As these Windows 10 devices are accessed and used by multiple examinees at different times, it is important to maintain end-to-end security. To secure the browsing experience, administrators can enforce incognito browsing, disable cookies, browsing history, form autofill & search suggestions and also control the password manager.

With Scalefusion Windows MDM, deploying Windows 10 devices as online examination kiosks is streamlined. Configuring Chrome browser for online exams using Scalefusion can ensure the examinees can leverage digital technology for improved learning without inviting any malpractices.

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