Faster On-Boarding for Performance and Security Products

As part of our October release, we are making our onboarding experience much faster and simpler. These benefits are extended to new customers looking to onboard and protect new hostnames on Akamai – as well as existing customers looking to spin up, test, and protect new functionality within their site or applications.

Depending on the breadth of your needs, the onboarding process can require you to touch multiple components – property configurations, security configurations, certs. Power users intimately familiar with the Akamai ecosystem might even want to leverage edge hostnames. In the past, this process could take up to 6 hours. With this release, Akamai allows you team to leverage each of these components for the fast activation times previously available to  only existing property and security configurations. We are also enabling these components to be deployed in parallel. In addition, domain tokens can now be validated in less than 2 minutes. All of this ensures that an end-to-end onboarding process can now be completed in 20 mins! We have also exposed a new API workflow that drastically simplifies how these components interact with each other. As always, this is done without any compromises to Akamai’s network reliability and availability standards.

As our users get more nimble with their delivery and security needs – and look to integrate Akamai in CI/CD pipelines and cloud based infrastructures – the ability to go faster without compromising on security or reliability is more critical than ever. Our fast activation initiative is another step in our commitment to empower our users in a world where agility and time to market are essential. Our fast onboarding program goes beta today and will rollout out to all customers over the next few weeks.  



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