Uptycs File Integrity Monitoring Solutions: Security Control, Simplified

Uptycs File Integrity Monitoring Solutions: Security Control, Simplified

Searching for a way to simplify file activity monitoring across your network?

Uptycs file integrity monitoring (FIM) software gives security and IT professionals a comprehensive view of file activity, even across complex networks. Sign up for a demo today and we’ll show you how easy it is to roll out Uptycs FIM, and detect and reconcile file changes in large, complex networks. You’ll learn specifically how Uptycs:

  • Unifies the monitoring process across macOS, Linux, and Windows in both cloud and physical infrastructures.
  • Gives you a clearer view of how files are accessed by correlating file activity against hundreds of other system events.
  • Reduces the complexity of file integrity monitoring by filtering for only those file instances you need to monitor while eliminating the rest.

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Uptycs FIM Intro demo _Sep2019

Watch the short video above to see how you’d use Uptycs FIM in a simulated scenario where suspicious file change activity has been uncovered targeting a web server used for credit card payment processing. 

Knowing how files are being accessed within a network, and by whom, is an important part of a security team’s global security program. But finding the right file integrity monitoring software can be a challenge, particularly when you’re managing a hybrid of cloud and on-premises infrastructure across macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Dealing with network complexity is only one facet of an effective file integrity monitoring solution. You also need context: a way to connect file activity to a constant stream of (Read more...)

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