StackRox App integrates into the Sumo Logic Dashboard  for improved Kubernetes security

Today, StackRox, a company providing threat protection for containers and Kubernetes, announced the availability of the StackRox App for the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform. The StackRox App for Sumo Logic provides customers with critical insights into misconfigurations and security events for their container and Kubernetes environments directly within their Sumo Logic Dashboard.

Using this app, different security teams can view StackRox data regarding vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, runtime threats, and other policy violations within Sumo Logic and streamline their remediation efforts.

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John Coyle, vice president of business development for Sumo Logic, said, “We’re excited to launch our Kubernetes security integration with StackRox since it will enable customers to gain unparalleled insights and operational metrics in a single dashboard to ensure their cloud-native environments are continuously protected.”

“The StackRox Kubernetes-native container security platform provides unique context on misconfigurations, risk profiling, and runtime incidents that will enable our joint customers to more quickly identify and address security issues,” Coyle further added.

The StackRox App for Sumo Logic provides several key metrics such as vulnerabilities, runtime threats, and compliance violations across container and Kubernetes environments through the following dashboards:

  • StackRox Overview:  This offers a snapshot of key metrics about an organization’s overall Kubernetes and container security posture
  • StackRox Image Violations: These display information from StackRox’s image scanning and vulnerability management capabilities and prioritizes security issues in container images based on rich context derived from Kubernetes
  • StackRox Kubernetes Violations: These highlight prioritized list of misconfigurations of Kubernetes components based on more than 70 DevOps and Security best practices
  • StackRox Runtime Violations: These provide insights into threats and other suspicious activity at runtime based on continuous monitoring of every single container within Kubernetes environments

Richard Reinders, manager of security operations for Looker, a joint StackRox and Sumo Logic customer said, “StackRox gives us a Kubernetes-centric single pane of glass view into the security posture of our multi-cloud infrastructure. Having StackRox’s unique Kubernetes security insights available directly on our Sumo Logic Dashboard provides us with a single place to view security and compliance details alongside our operational analytics for our cloud-native infrastructure. This integration also allows us to use a single, consistent, security event detection and response pipeline.”

To more about the StackRox App for Sumo Logic head over to its official website.

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