8 ways to improve your organization’s security posture

Introduction: Create a security culture by strengthening your weakest link

Many businesses are still unprepared for deterring actual cyber-related attacks against their network, mobile devices, cloud systems and physical entities (IT infrastructures and computers) through flaws or user errors, and attackers will look to exploit any of them. Fortunately, there are effective and affordable ways to reduce the organization’s exposure with a coordinated security program that can have a material impact on their information security readiness and on the capability of staff to deter potential attackers. Preparing the workforce to protect their environments is key!

As much as it is important to have in place all security measures to safeguard the information systems infrastructures, hardware and software alone cannot withstand the attacks of malicious hackers that are becoming savvier and savvier. A number of other considerations must be made, including correcting weaknesses in staff training. 

A good education program to create security-aware users who can pay attention to the areas of vulnerability is paramount to harden the weakest link of the cybersecurity chain (the user) and help keep the organization safe from cyberattacks. Humans, not hardware or software, are taking a more precise role today as the first and last line of defense against cybercriminals.

So what can an organization do to improve its security posture? Below are a few best practices, listed in no particular order, that can serve as an approach for any business to be safer and more secure in their environment.

Security Awareness

8 best practices to enhance your security program

1. Develop or improve a security plan

It is paramount to have a well-devised plan that covers the organization’s cyber-risk management strategy and also addresses how the business can recover quickly if an incident does occur. Such a plan needs to include the identification (Read more...)

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