WeAreDelphix: Meet Manoj Joseph

What do you do at Delphix and what inspired you to join the company?

I lead the replication group at Delphix, and we’re responsible for building a solution for disaster recovery, load balancing, and selective data distribution.

I was inspired to join Delphix because I wanted to work on ZFS. On the Replication team, we use ZFS’s capabilities to do a lot of our work, and much of the efficiency comes from how much data is transmitted as well as how much space is consumed on the replication target. When tied to Delphix’s virtualization and masking engines, ZFS produces enormous customer value, enabling our enterprise customers to access data available securely and rapidly in ways that are unique in the industry.

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You can ask me anything about…?

Data replication and disaster recovery.

Most of my career, I’ve worked on file systems that provide high throughput and high availability. During my masters program, I taught myself how to write Windows Filesystem Drivers and created a filesystem driver for the Ext2 filesystem. That is precisely when my interest in storage and file systems took off.

A couple years later, I worked with some of the very best engineers at Sun Microsystems to build Sun Cluster, a high availability platform, and then got experience with Luster, an HPC file system, and NetApp’s WAFL.

High availability often sounds simple, but it’s very complicated and difficult to get right. To get it right takes a lot of design, development, and testing.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on at Delphix?

Selective data distribution. This feature allows our customers to replicate data to the cloud or to a third-party vendor without their sensitive information being shared on that network. The project required cross team collaboration, and I learned just as much from what we did right from what didn’t go as planned.

While SDD is the coolest project I’ve worked on, forward compatible replication is one I’m most proud of. This initiative is special to me because I had the opportunity to come up with a design that was different from what was originally envisioned, evangelized it, and built a new test framework to support the unique needs of this feature, including multi-version testing and rapid test development. I teamed up with some amazing engineers at Delphix to build it, test it and get it shipped to our customers.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

A former manager from Sun Microsystems once told me, “Work, projects, customers, and technology – they’re all important things in life, but they’re nothing as close to how important family is and should be.”

I’ve always looked for companies with engineering excellence and cultures that value work-life balance—that’s exactly what Delphix offers. It’s the best of both worlds!

What’s your secret talent?

Singing my kids to sleep!

What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan” by Kamal Haasan & Roshini from the Tamil movie, Guna. I first watched this movie as a teen a very long time ago, and I sang the song to my wife-to-be.

What drives you everyday? 

My family and problem-solving.

My family is everything to me. I love spending time with my wife and kids. Even little things like grocery shopping, visiting the library, or hiking is so much more fun with them. I also really enjoy solving tough problems because some lead to the best learning experiences. Some problems can be solved right away, but for the ones that are more difficult, those are the best ones to pursue. 

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