Boeing – Say It Ain’t So…

via Andy Greenberg, comes a particularly troubling piece, written for Wired, in which, Mr. Greenberg details the litany of ineptitude by Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) in securing their code running the company’s 787 airframe. Deeply troubling is the operative term in use here, don’t you agree?

“…security researcher Ruben Santamarta sat in his home office in Madrid and partook in some creative googling, searching for technical documents related to his years-long obsession: the cybersecurity of airplanes. He was surprised to discover a fully unprotected server on Boeing’s network, seemingly full of code designed to run on the company’s giant 737 and 787 passenger jets, left publicly accessible and open to anyone who found it. So he downloaded everything he could see.” – via Andy Greenberg’s, outstanding piece, crafted for Wired

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