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At this point, it is no secret that with each passing day a comprehensive and updated cybersecurity program is becoming more and more essential for any organization. Although CISOs and IT workers across the globe recognize this, it remains an ongoing challenge to effectively measure and mitigate this risk given the evolving nature of today’s cyber atmosphere. As popular CSOonline writer Jon Oltsik put it,

“As enterprise cybersecurity defenses grow more difficult, cyber-attack offense can become correspondingly easier.”

Because of this, it is important that companies monitor these risk measures on an ongoing basis in order to keep up with the dynamic environment in place. Still, far too many companies continue to do so in a static manner. 

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An Ongoing Organizational Struggle

IT website CSOonline recently conducted an interesting study in which 340 different cybersecurity professionals were asked to identify the top cyber risk management challenges they face within their various organizations. As the most common answer, 46% of survey respondents indicate they are challenged by continually measuring all cyber-risk across the IT infrastructure.  Even for experienced, well educated workers in the cybersecurity space who know what kinds of controls they need to have in place, it remains difficult to monitor and measure the progress of these risk mitigators in order to stay organized. 

The Apptega Solution

Within Apptega’s Implement page, users are able to view all of the controls within their program, and within each of these controls there are several subcontrols that are reviewed and updated in order to maintain an App Score indicating appropriate progress towards security/compliance. For each subcontrol, in addition to the ability to delegate task assignments and upload documents and associated artifacts, there is a collapsible page titled Risk Rating. Here, users are able to continually update a series of components that will provide an easily grasped yet descriptive snapshot of the risk levels within each respective subcontrol. 

Risk Rating 1.2


Risk Rating Breakdown

Upon clicking the Risk Rating tab, users will find several components that form a consistent view of their risk for that subcontrol. Two menus align likelihood and impact of a breach, Apptega produces an effective Risk Rating for the subcontrol.


Visualized Risk

By assigning a risk rating, risk levels can be taken into account for each subcontrol.  The various subcontrols can now be visualized within the Implement page, and with the Risk tab, you can show all of the subcontrols ordered by their level of risk.

Risk Rating 3

In addition to viewing the Risks online, Apptega also provides a Risk Register report,  The Risk Register report can be instantly generated as an Excel file.  This allows you to organize your program based upon the effective risks and rate them in alignment with budget assigned to each effective subcontrol.

Risk Register Report

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