“Hi Mom, I’m on the Today Show” with Symantec’s Varun Kohli

Varun Kholi, SVP Markets Demand Gen, Symantec

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Very few marketers of any kind, let alone Cybersecurity ones, can claim an appearance of the Today Show under their belt, but my guest Varun Kholi of Symantec can.

Varun shares the story of how he got his then small start up Skycure featured on the national broadcast along with some great tips on how to make your story more accessible to a broader audience, and what it takes to succeed in companies as small as a few handfuls and as big as HP and Symantec, and how you navigate your career and change your approach. 

You can see the tape of Varun’s Today Show appearance here and hear some of the way he presented to this audience like, “the way not to get sick is to not shake hands with sick people…” not something you’d say on stage at Blackhat, but PERFECT for this broad audience.

Varun recommends that all marketers follow and check out Hubspot’s marketing resources and his two books to add to your reading list are Peter Thiel’s Zero to One, Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing about Hard Things and Dale Carnegie’s classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

You can find  Varun on Twitter with his handle @vk_is and on Linked In here

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