Why Securing ERP Systems is Critical for CISOs

Jason Fruge, CISO of Fossil, knows the importance of securing business-critical ERP Systems. In his exclusive interview with Onapsis, Jason Fruge discusses how the protection of SAP and Oracle systems have become a blind spot in the overall IT strategy of many organizations. “There’s not a lot of attention on this topic, it’s a very important topic,” Fruge cautions, “any disruption to that (SAP) application is catastrophic to the business.” Overcoming the challenges faced and taking control of ERP security can be a major hurdle for many organizations to become more proactively cyber resilient. 

“There’s an uptick in ERP hacks… we’re seeing the hacks become more frequent,” Fruge shares, “the average age of the vulnerability is 10 years old.”

Interested in learning how to become more cyber resilient to protect your SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) from both internal and external threats? Read more about how Onapsis helps you secure your core.

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