nCipher in the News

nCipher in the News


Tue, 06/04/2019 – 11:19

In the past couple weeks nCipher executives were quoted, and nCipher survey results featured, in a multitude of news outlets spanning the globe.


The APAC region saw the release of the 2019 Hong Kong and Taiwan Encryption Trends Study. With that came coverage in the Hong Kong Economic Times, Jumpstart Magazine – and an interview with Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. nCipher’s Ian Christofis joined Daybreak’s Juliette Saly and Bryan Curtis to discuss what the report’s findings indicate about trends in data security.


nCipher in the News

Another recent nCipher survey revealed 71% of UK C-suite executives would cover up their company’s data breach in order to escape fines. The findings were reported by IT Pro Portal, the Verdict, and Infosecurity.

Says nCipher’s Chief Strategy Officer Peter Galvin, “Organisations are under a greater obligation than ever to disclose data breaches, particularly when personal information is at risk, but evidently many IT leaders – particularly at C-Level – still feel they can avoid being subject to fines and other punitive measures from regulatory bodies. By implementing the right security measures to protect their business critical information and applications up front by using tools such as encryption, investing in training and talent as well as understanding the regulatory landscape, businesses can take steps to avoid a damaging breach in the first place.”

Wise words.


Marking the one-year anniversary of GDPR, an nCipher survey executed in the U.S. found a healthy amount of distrust among Americans about how organizations are using their personal information. Sixty-four percent said they don’t feel organizations are completely transparent with how they use their customers’ personal data. Almost half (49%) said they don’t trust companies to keep their private data secure. That may explain why 44% said they don’t want to share their personal data under any circumstances.

News organizations covering the results included eWeek, Media Post, and Infosecurity.

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nCipher in the News

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