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Government Cyber Focus: Election Security

Election security has become a hot topic. From the Mueller Report to newly proposed federal legislation to National Governors Association policy academies to other state-by-state cybersecurity actions, the complex topic of ‘securing our vote’ is getting more attention than ever before.

Despite headline-grabbing ransomware attacks against major cities, domestic finger-pointing at three-letter-agencies for leaked offensive hacking tools, and a relentless barrage of other new cyberthreats hitting the public and private sectors, the big national security focus in June 2019 is how to ensure that the 2020 elections are not a repeat of 2016 regarding foreign interference (or worse yet hacking) in our democratic voting processes.        

No doubt, the topic is not new. Here are just a few of my election security related blogs over the past eighteen months on this topic:

Nevertheless, several national experts recently said that election security issues encompass up to 70% of cybersecurity-related conversations in Washington D.C. among political and non-political leaders right now.


Here are a few recent articles that point to this hyper-focus on election security at the moment: Mueller remarks put renewed focus on election security bills – “Legislation aimed at securing U.S. elections got an unexpected shot in the arm this week when Robert Mueller devoted a fair share of his first remarks on the Russia probe to the threat posed by foreign actors seeking to undermine democracy at the ballot box.

Election security bills have been languishing in Congress for months, due in large part to Republicans who do not want to (Read more...)

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