CyberSeek Cybersecurity Career Pathway: Cybersecurity manager/admin


Cybersecurity managers are advanced-level IT professionals who have worked their way up through the ranks to take on responsibilities in leadership and management. Typically, they have boots-on-the-ground experience with security risk assessment and remediation, computer forensics, incident response and network security; with all this experience and more, they’ve reached a point in their career where they’re ready to manage teams and execute strategies.

Are you considering taking the next step in your career? Or perhaps you’re new to the cybersecurity field and you want to get an idea of what your long-term career plan will look like. In either case, considering a job as a cybersecurity manager is a solid option.

The demand for qualified leaders in this growing field only continues to rise as cybersecurity becomes increasingly important. Between September 2017 and August 2018, there were 14,320 job openings for cybersecurity managers. That’s an extremely promising number for future cybersecurity leaders!

If all this sounds good to you, stay tuned and take a look at the rest of this article. We’ll do a deep dive into what it means to be a cybersecurity manager and go through a few pointers on how to become one. All of this information and more is available through the CyberSeek Cybersecurity Career Pathway tool, a free resource for information security professionals.

What is a cybersecurity manager/administrator?

Cybersecurity managers have risen through the ranks of entry- and mid-level jobs to manage a team and handle higher-level strategies. Your company relies on you to prevent security breaches by knowing the IT systems inside and out. Instead of doing the hands-on work, your role is to hire, train and direct the staff who performs those tasks.

As a cybersecurity manager, you will be primarily responsible for:

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