CyberSeek Career Pathway: Incident analyst/responder


Have you been seeking a cybersecurity career that puts you at the forefront of intrusion detection and combating cybercrime? If you answered “yes,” then you might find the role of an incident analyst/responder to be an ideal fit.

As cyberattacks continue to rise, prospects for cybersecurity roles are at an all-time high. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) projects that the number of positions in the field of cybersecurity will grow by 28% between 2016 and 2026. Stats like these serve as a solid indicator that incident analyst/responder vacancies will be plentiful for several years to come.

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This article will explore the career path of an incident analyst/responder using insights from the CyberSeek Cybersecurity Career Pathway tool. This entry-level position is a great starting point for anyone looking to gain experience in the cybersecurity field. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a much better understanding of the role progression, skills, certification and other prerequisites of this job.

Breakdown of Cybersecurity Career Pathway

CyberSeek’s Cybersecurity Career Pathway tool is designed to help both students and job seekers map out their desired career paths. Presented to you through an interactive interface, Career Pathway will teach you everything you need to know about the incident analyst/responder role. You’ll gain an understanding of the required skills, education, certifications, training and more. Salary expectations and the total number of job openings are also listed.

Professionals working in the cybersecurity industry can also benefit from Career Pathway. If you’re envisioning making a switch from an entry-level role to an incident analyst/responder position, the tool will provide you with detailed insights on what key skills and education you should gain for a seamless transition into your new role.

What does an incident analyst/responder do?

The role of an incident analyst/responder varies from company to (Read more...)

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