Presumptions Of Grandeur, The Cisco Router Fail

via Lily Hay Newman, writing for Wired Magazine, comes her superb take on the oft ephemeral, yet – this instance – globally devastating Le Bug du jour‘.

Simply astonishing that Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) let this diety-forsaken code through the grist mill of QA’s grind stone. Astounding.

“Once the researchers gain root access, they can bypass the router’s most fundamental security protection. Known as the Trust Anchor, this Cisco security feature has been implemented in almost all of the company’s enterprise devices since 2013. The fact that the researchers have demonstrated a way to bypass it in one device indicates that it may be possible, with device-specific modifications, to defeat the Trust Anchor on hundreds of millions of Cisco units around the world.” – via Lily Hay Newman, reporting for Wired Magazine

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