Marketing InSecurity Podcast: From Teamwork to Story and Back Again

Vasu Jakkal, CMO, FireEye

In this episode I am joined by Vasu Jakkal.  As FireEye Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Vasu oversees the company’s global marketing organization. She joined FireEye in September 2017, bringing 18 years of technology industry experience, including senior management roles at Brocade, LSI and Intel. Vasu loves SciFi and here motto is nicely summed up in the hashtag, #changetheworld (not #savetheworld as you will hear me say!) which you will see on just about all of her social media posts.

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From the value of diverse teams to the power of storytelling and the age old question of whether you prefer George Lucas or Gene Roddenberry, Vasu is informative and inspiring! In a dynamic conversation we cover so much ground and leave so much more to explore. So put on your superhero suit and join us for a compelling chat with a true industry leader. Vasu recommends you to follow ????

You can learn more about FireEye at and follow Vasu on Twitter at @vasujakkal.

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