Compliance Policy Templates and Checklists Getting You Down?

According to a recent survey presented during our “Secrets To Passing A Cybersecurity Audit: An Auditor’s Perspective” webinar, nearly half of the audience stated they still use spreadsheets to track their programs in preparation for a cybersecurity audit.  Preparing for cybersecurity audits like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 can be a challenge if you don’t have a clear way to track your progress or build program documentation. 

Apptega Audit PollIf you are not familiar with the audit process, organizations like the AICPA, ISO and NIST provide guidelines that dictate both processes and technologies to address cybersecurity program gaps.  Spreadsheets and guidelines can only get you so far in supporting your goals of passing a cybersecurity audit.  Organizations must also have  technologies and policies that document the way the organization defines and meets its goals around managing its cybersecurity posture.

Cybersecurity Management Software Can Help

As you are building your program, Apptega can provide a web-based system that includes playbooks with industry guidance plus checklists of recommended tasks. Instead of having to interpret a guideline provided by an industry framework, Apptega can provide predefined tasks that detail a clear road-map of requirements that need to be checked off in order to meet a specific sub-control requirement.

Apptega Policy and Plan Templates

In order to get ready for audits, companies must have clearly written and defined policies. You have the option of building these policies yourself, hiring lawyers to write them for you or buying inconsistent templates off of the Internet. Apptega is here to help. Your Apptega subscription now includes access to a robust library of policy and plan templates that can be leveraged to meet your organization’s unique compliance requirements. To help you get an idea of the benefits of Apptega’s library of templates, we are providing access to a limited number of these templates free of charge.

Free Apptega Templates:

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 2.23.36 PM

Check out our resource library for a few samples of the numerous templates that are now available in Apptega.

Apptega Task Packs

In addition to providing policy templates, Apptega also provides additional clarity beyond the industry guidance within the product.  Apptega even offers to our customers the opportunity to accelerate their deployment with Task Packs. Apptega Task Packs automate the process of assigning hundreds of tasks to the right people within their organization.  Below is a sample of the tasks associated with the Board of Directors Independence and Oversight (Principle 2) (CC1.2) from SOC 2.  Instead of manually typing in all of the required tasks necessary to meet a framework’s objectives, Apptega can help upload the relevant tasks directly into the  organization’s platform, streamlining its deployment and saving hundreds of hours of manual data entry.

Apptega Task Packs

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