Building a SOC Without Even Knowing It

This is for all those who say “I’m way too small to be building a Security Operations Center (SOC) – all I need right now is a <insert any piece of cybersecurity technology here>” … because whether you know it or not, you are embarking on the lengthy, complex, and expensive path of building a SOC, from the moment you buy even one piece of technology beyond anti-virus and firewall.

In this post, we will explain (1) what we mean by a Security Operations Center; (2) why buying security technology means you are on that path, and (3) what the consequences are for the security of your business. Once you are convinced that you are going down this path of building a SOC, the business case for MDR as an alternative makes a lot more sense.

Full disclosure – we’re biased. We position our MDR service against the cost of a SOC to help our clients build the business case for it. While this is ‘fair’ – you’re getting the functionality of a SOC without the cost of equipping, maintaining, and staffing it – it isn’t always seen as ‘applicable’ to small to medium-sized businesses. SMBs may not understand that a SOC doesn’t have to mean an enterprise-grade, military-looking undertaking; it always starts with a piece of technology that requires qualified personnel to operate it.

Our cards on the table, let’s explore why you may be on this lengthy, complex and expensive path already, and not even realize it.

What is a SOC?

At its core, a SOC is the combination of cybersecurity people, processes, and technology, in a centralized location, working towards securing the organization. The concept evolved from the Network Operations Center (NOC) which was tasked with ensuring availability and performance of the technology in your infrastructure.

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