Why Every Leadership Meeting Should Include a Cybersecurity Update

As part of our “C-Suite Accountability” theme, we explore why holding senior executives accountable is a necessary motivator in the prioritization, development, and adoption of cybersecurity initiatives across the small to medium-sized organization. In this post, we cover the importance of establishing visibility into the problem and your progress in addressing it, through regular discussion; and what does, and does not belong in the conversation.

If your small to medium-sized enterprise is anything like ours, your c-suite meets regularly to discuss challenges across the organization and to gain visibility into what is happening in various business units as they progress towards their goals. One of the (often neglected) cybersecurity priorities for the SME is c-suite accountability – which is going to happen ‘one way or the other,’ as we start to see increased resignations over data breaches, mismanagement of compliance undertakings, and consequences resulting from such issues. There can be no accountability without visibility! In this article, we present why the c-suite should spend its valuable time receiving updates on cybersecurity matters as often as (or more often than) every other departmental update. Visibility into the problem (KPIs), the steps your organization is taking to rectify it, and the implications for compliance, business continuity, disaster recovery, and risk management should all be part of this discussion – ‘technobabble,’ speeds and feeds, and particular features of specific technologies should not.

Why should you talk about this?

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You need access to information about your cybersecurity posture so that you can implement policies to improve it and make good decisions surrounding how to do so. You’ll need visibility into the initiatives you’re undertaking (like subscribing to IntelliGO’s MDR service 😉) and the progress being made, and the challenges to overcome. Your mitigation of the risk of cyberattack is just as important as the other departmental (Read more...)

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