The First Curated Osquery Resource Hub

Progress in open source projects thrives on the sharing of information. Yet even with the best of intentions, much of the learning can still be considered tribal knowledge, traded between small groups of closely connected individuals. While, the osquery project certainly isn’t immune to this, the community has absolutely benefited from a passionate and growing base of users, developers, contributors and tinkerers that are dedicated to documenting and sharing what they’ve learned. The QueryCon event, presented this year by Kolide, Trail of Bits and Carbon Black, is just one great exampleof this. At Uptycs, we’re trying to do our part by providing a completely free intro to osquery training that’s available online anytime. We’ve also been offering free in-person osquery workshops during security focused events. Some of those upcoming live opportunities are:

In addition, there are many individuals like Matt Jane, Chris Long, Mike Arpaia, Josh Brower, Guillaume Ross, Craig Huber, Javier Ruiz, the Airbnb & Netflix engineering teams, (just to name a few) who are speaking at conferences, writing blog articles and actively sharing their knowledge.

In an effort to capture and consolidate some of this great effort, today we’re launching an Osquery Resource Hub to make it easier to access this communal knowledge. The Osquery Resource Hub is curated by hand with the goal of offering a one-stop experience of the most (Read more...)

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