Apparently, There Is No Longer Clear And Present Danger

Meanwhile, in Governance By Imbeciles news, a troubling a story, via Betsy Woodruff, writing at The Daily Beast, targeting the shuttering of an intelligence analysis group (ostensibly focused on domestic terrorism) at the United States Department of Homeland Security, monikered the ‘Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A)‘. Also, claims by David Glawe (the new Trump Administration appointee that the grpup’s closing makes for enhanced output, yet simutaneously, California’s Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports work product from DHS (regarding actionable domestic terrorism intelligence) is slowing to a trickle). Read it all in Ms. Woodruff’s well crafted reportage, and try not to weep for our Law Enforcement Agegenies at both the Federal and Local levels. Today’s Must Read.

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