Top 30 Security Auditor Interview Questions and Answers for 2019


Security auditors are an essential part of modern businesses. They help to facilitate and manage security changes in an organization, identify security threats and act as a valuable security resource for your IT systems and teams. Not all security auditor roles are internal ones, which means that many security auditors work at a consultancy that visits client locations. This is an exciting aspect of the job for many people, as it exposes them to a variety of different environments, and it keeps things interesting. A solution that works for one company may not be feasible for another, which means that you will always be learning and designing policies that are applicable to specific clients and stakeholders.

This series of interview questions looks at some fundamental aspects of a security auditor’s role and how an interviewer might question them. The role designations have been divided into three separate categories ranked by level of difficulty, based on experience and qualifications.

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The questions are not in order, and some questions might be more advanced than the ones that you are expecting on the day of the interview. For this reason, it’s a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with all 30 of these questions, just to prepare yourself. Try to dedicate some thought to your answers ahead of time, so that you have a basic framework to build on when you are actually sitting in front of your interviewers on the big day.

Junior Security Auditor Questions

These questions are fairly straightforward and are what you could possibly expect in an entry-level or learnership level of interview. If you are at this level then you might have some practical experience in the field, or in a similar field of IT. You should be familiar with basic security auditing principles and be (Read more...)

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