The Anti-Fraud Resolution

Happy February! How are your New Year’s resolutions faring? If you’re one of the many working towards a healthier lifestyle this year, kudos to you. Many find the keys to success are moderation, steadiness and, perhaps most importantly, a balanced strategy.

Funny enough, the same balanced perspective paradigm is at the forefront of conversations within the anti-fraud community.  Seemingly, we all expect more thanks to our mobile-first, app-induced experiences. With the majority of transactions originating from a mobile device or app, it is not surprising mobile channel fraud has increased over 600 percent in three years.

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Our financial lives cross from one device to the next and we expect fluidity – even amongst in-person experiences.  In a short time you may login (mobile or PC), transfer money, edit your bank profile, pay bills, stop by the ATM, or enter a bank branch. Cross-correlation behind the scenes is key to ensuring our consumer experience is frictionless.  Tip the scales too much in the direction of heightened security, and you have unhappy customers.

“Why am I being stepped-up right now? – I always make this type of payment.” Consumers want to feel as though the journey between devices, the online experience and the in-person components are seamless and balanced, so as to not flag fraudulent behavior unnecessarily.

Back to your resolution: how do you balance meal preparation and exercise time devotion? The right amount of cardio with weights? Food portioning? Time of day consumption? Appropriate dietary groups that (Read more...)

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