RSAC Innovator and Entrepreneur Seminar

Having been in and around security for pretty much my whole career, one thing that I have learned is that keeping up with the threat landscape requires constant innovation. So I’m happy to be a part of the  RSA Conference Innovator and Entrepreneur Seminar, which is helping those interested in learning more about what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Dave DeWalt of Momentum Cyber (among many other things) will kick off the half-day seminar, which includes four sessions focused on key aspect of the entrepreneur’s journey.

First up will be Chris Wysophal, CTO Veracode and Kristina Bergman CEO Integris Software doing a fireside chat on How to Start a Company.  They will talk about what it took for them to get their companies off the ground and walk attendees through their journeys as entrepreneurs.

Next, The Wall Street Journal’s Rob Sloan will join veteran CISOs Geoff Bellknap (Slack) and Tim McKnight (Thomson Reuters) to talk about How to Get the CISO’s Attention, providing invaluable insight into the mindset of an entrepreneur’s first potential design partners and customers.

In the third session, I will be walking through a panel with CP Morey, head of Phantom Marketing at Splunk and Choo Kim-Isgitt, VP Marketing at Trustar on how to rise above the noise…in other words what you need to do in marketing in early stages, ranging from when to hire marketing to how to effectively promote what you’re doing to potential customers.

Finally, Gené Teare of Crunchbase will be asking VCs Sarah Guo of Greylock and Ariel Tseitlin of Scale Venture Partners what they look for when they are funding security startups. 

Sessions are open to all conference passes and will leave time for audience questions, as well as time for networking with speakers and other attendees, so come prepared to ask about the things that matter most to you. This all takes place on Monday, March 4, from 9am-12pm ahead of the RSA Conference 2019. I hope to see you there.

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