Qualifying Encoders with Akamai


The encoder qualification program was created to improve the process for vendors that wish to align themselves with Akamai network specific requirements.  It is also intended to , mitigate the risk of encoder issues before using in production. A formal process is being introduced to fast forward the qualification testing cycle.

Why go through the Encoder Qualification process?

Even though Media Services Live supports multiple input and output types with a great deal of flexibility and robustness, it is highly beneficial to test any live stream encoder before it is used for a live event. This helps ensure live events are successful and provides third-party vendors an opportunity to validate their solution in a non-production environment. This testing process has enabled Media Services Live to have a long track record of high-quality live events.

  • Ensure customer experience with Akamai is positive.
  • Qualification facilitates customer adoption of Akamai CDN services.
  • Preemptively mitigate encoder issues that may compromise the network.
  • Enable close collaboration with vendors with new founded products.

Synergies of the Encoder Qualification program

Qualification has several benefits:

  • Enables both parties to benefit from an ongoing relationship, both business and technical, allowing them to evolve together and address potential issues quickly and efficiently.  
  • Feedback and escalation can be reported back to encoder vendors.
  • Formal channels for regular software updates amongst the EQ team and encoder vendor. 
  • “Qualified” vendors will be listed and suggested by our field teams to our customers and prospects as “recommended solutions” to enable their live events on Media Services Live. 
  • “Qualified Partner” vendors will be highlighted by placement of their qualification on our recommend list. 
  • Qualified encoders will have AkaTec support. Vendors will be referred to the NetAlliance Partners Program [email protected] for the option to join the NetAlliance Partners Program.
  • Vendors that choose to leverage our QA resources for testing can install an appliance into our lab. Akamai can then work with the vendor to ensure features and functionality in Media Services Live and the vendor’s product continue to work together by providing ongoing technical updates and testing capabilities.

Encoder Qualification Process

The new encoder qualification process will launch on February 17th 2019. Those who choose to begin the process should start by visiting In-order to create an account you will need to do the following:

  1. Email should be sent to [email protected] stating your intention for qualification.  
  2. A case number will then be supplied after submission, please include in subject line on all relative communication.
  3. EQ team will create vendor user login credentials for accessing
  1. Vendor Name:
  2. Model Name:
  3. Software Version:
  4. Streaming Format to be tested. (ie. RTMP, HLS, HDS, Dash, CMAF)
  5. Akamai Representative or Account Manager
  6. Location where your encoder will be publishing from.

Once you have access to you can directly schedule and provision test accounts on the EQ Testnet.

  1. Publishing point will be provided via the website to access the TestNet.
  2. A provisional report will be supplied after a stream have been published for < 1hr, and a formal report will be given after 72 hrs.
  3. Incompatible encoder features should be addressed and re-tested.

Any inquiries regarding test reports can be submitted through the website

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