Google Releases New Chrome Password Warning Extension

Well that’s good news… via Graham Cluley, writing at the TripWire blog, steps into the Google Chrome extension fray with one small, but meaningful move to the better in that realm – the release (by Google, Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) of a new password warning tool that informs the user of said pwnage (or, conversely, notage, as in nopeage). Good news for users who are not planning on hunting down whether her/his password credentials have been leaked on our already sieve-like beloved interwebs.

Of course, users who may wish to exercise their cognitive musculature and utilize a soupçon of their precious time on Planet Earth with some easy research, may wish to point their highly advanced Chromey browsers to Troy Hunt’s ubiquitous Have I Been Pwned site for password leak data relevant to their own identities. Enjoy!

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