How to Improve Cyberstrategy by Learning NFL Defensive Tactics

Why are enterprises losing so many global cyberbattles?

Despite hard work, long hours, smart people and great individual hacking tactics, what online trends are overwhelming security teams?

How can cyberpros who are constantly upgrading OWASP skills and working nights and weekends already, do more with less?  

What other professionals’ disciplines can we learn from, and what analogies and examples can help teach us lessons to improve security effectiveness?

Recently I met Nick Drage online. Nick is the principal consultant at Path Dependence Limited in the U.K. He is a security thought-leader, practitioner, global cybersecurity consultant, and he presents on security issues at conferences worldwide.

I was very intrigued by Nick’s recent presentation in Belgium which packs so many helpful examples, practical lessons, fun stories and more about what’s going on in our security industry.

In addition, even though we come from very different backgrounds, Nick and I both believe, write and talk about how security teams and leaders can learn a lot from American football. But he takes his analogies and lessons even further than most.  

I strongly urge you to watch this passionate, clear, ground-breaking presentation. I’ll go further, this video is in my “must watch” category for all cybersecurity and technology leaders as well as frontline cyberpros. Note, this was given at an OWASP event in Europe. Caution: You’ll need 45 minutes, but it is well worth your time.


NFL / Global Cybersecurity Similarities

At a summary level, what is Nick’s case? As the NFL playoffs rolled into divisional round games this weekend, more and more cybersecurity experts are seeing similarities between football strategies and cyberdefense strategies. Indeed, the lessons learned go much deeper than executive level analogies and fun tips.

After all the effort we put into improving our technology, why does (Read more...)

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