Top 30 Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers for 2019

“Do what we say, or we shall replace you with a very small shell script.” It’s a bit of a dated threat now, but in the age of extreme optimization there are certain functions where it absolutely is a possibility. But who’s going to be the person writing that script? You! Web development is an amazing field, with potential as far as the eye can see.

The flip side of this potential is that preparing for an interview as a Web developer can be seriously challenging if the organization you’re applying for isn’t 100% in your wheelhouse. Going over the questions listed in this article can give you a great start on preparing for that interview, as well as showing you that you’re very likely more prepared than you think.

Level 1: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Keyboard

1. What do you do?

One of the most basic questions, and yet in the case of Web development, one of the most varied. This particular specialization can cover a mountain of potential tasks, so being able to answer what you do on a daily basis without giving specifics is something to give some thought.

2. How would you begin to troubleshoot a problem?


“Ahh! Ahh! This mission-critical application isn’t working and I’m not about to give you any specific error codes or actions that are happening but you’ve gotta fix it right now! Thanks, bye!”

So this is the part where some people would give up, while others would try to figure out what in the world is actually going on. Gathering and receiving the right information at the very beginning of a problem is one of the most overlooked sections of troubleshooting, yet it can cause ripples of delays across the entire (Read more...)

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