The Benefits of Event Activated Learning (EAL) Training: How to Take Advantage of Teachable Moments


One of the major pluses of this Internet-centric world is that we have the ability to find almost any kind of knowledge in the blink on an eye. This has led to the development of what is called EAL training, or Event-Activated Learning training.

The EAL training concept can be applied to multiple subjects, leading to a revolution in the world of online learning. This article will discuss what EAL training is, the benefits of EAL training and why this training model is a necessary component of security awareness training.

What Is EAL Training?

Event-Activated Learning training is the integration of an endpoint solution within your Information Security environment that delivers security awareness training to organization employees based upon the security incidents that they are involved with. The real world application of EAL training quite diverse as it can apply to any security incident.  An example of a real world EAL training scenario is when a user clicks on a suspicious link that is hiding malware. This will trigger event specific training for that user that will hopefully prevent the user from clicking on a link like that again.

As this article will explore later on, EAL training and teachable moments go hand-in-hand. They share a similar habit of popping up at any time. This spontaneity makes them natural workplace pals because you can easily apply EAL training whenever a teachable moment occurs. In real-world practice, the information learned via EAL training is most effective when learned just before it is actually needed to be used in the workplace.

More important than hammering down an exact definition of EAL training is having an approach to EAL that works for your organization or business. Below is a list of some EAL training best practices that you can use to flesh (Read more...)

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