Introducing Threat Stack’s New Podcast: “Your System Called”

That’s right. The tl;dr is that Threat Stack is launching a podcast series called Your System Called — and I’ll be hosting it. You can access the podcast on iTunessubscribe via RSS, or preview the first two episodes below.

What’s the goal of the show?

Cloud infrastructure is changing, and so are the ways software is built and how these new systems are secured at runtime. Your System Called is produced by Threat Stack and covers a range of cloud security and DevOps topics with guests from within the company and around the industry. From hardening the Linux kernel to PCI compliance to container orchestration and managed security operations (SOC, MSSP) — it’s all on the table!

Over time, we plan to strike a balance of infrastructure security and DevOps topics, ideally exploring the intersection of the two.

Can I join the podcast?

Yes! If you have a topic you’d like discuss, let us know on Twitter, or contact me directly at [email protected]. New guests are most welcome!

The first two episodes —

Episode 101: SRE at a Security Company (Ben Patterson)

In the first episode, Ben Patterson, Threat Stack Director of Engineering, talked with me about site reliability engineering during the Boston SRE meetup at the Wayfair offices in October 2018. Ben provides his perspective on managing technical debt and its impact on reliable software, as well as the relationship between development and operations teams.

Episode 102: Running down the OWASP top ten (Bradley Holt)

I used to work with Bradley Holt! He’s the Program Manager for Developer Advocacy at the Center for Open-Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT) at IBM. In this recording, we talked about web application security in the context of the OWASP top 10 most critical web application security risks, as well as offline first application design principles.

See you next time

We’re working to get the podcast up in Spotify and Google Play, but for the time being, check us out on iTunes. I hope you enjoy the conversations! Have a listen and let us know what you think.

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