Behold, The Quantum Compass

 Image Credit: Imperial College London

Image Credit: Imperial College London

via an Impact Lab post, in which the astounding science of Imperial College London and Glasgow, Scotland, UK based M Squared, we may soon possess the capability to arrive at our desired waypoints and caches through the utilization of a Quantum Compass, without the need for a satellite based positioning systems to enlighten our in-built curiosity for knowledge of place. Are the days of GLONASS and GPS over or is this merely appropriation of geolocation processing with the assistance of a quantum accelerometer to a fundamentally stranger – in the quantum vernacular – platform, not subject to the vagaries of nation or space-borne detritus and political machinations? You be the judge.

“When the atoms are ultra-cold we have to use quantum mechanics to describe how they move, and this allows us to make what we call an atom interferometer”, said Dr Joseph Cotter, a member of the Research Staff at The Centre for Cold Matter at Imperial College, London, UK.

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