Top 30 Malware Analyst Interview Questions and Answers for 2018


The importance of malware analysts in the world today needs no introduction. With that said, the questions that one may be asked on a job interview for this position do need an introduction. The questions that one may be asked in the course of a malware analyst job interview can come from a veritable universe of questions that gauge the candidate’s worthiness. These questions can range from the broad to the intricately specific and everything in between.

This article will detail some malware analyst interview questions you can expect in the year 2018 and good idea of what you should give or will be expected to give for an answer. The questions and answers are categorized by their respective level of difficulty — Junior Analyst, Mid-Level Analyst and Senior Analyst. Read this article before you sit for a malware analyst job interview in 2018 and you will have made a good, broad-based review of the potential questions you’ll be asked.

Level 1 — Junior Analyst

The Junior level of malware analyst interview questions goes beyond the sort of “who are you” designation of questions. At this level, you may be asked questions about your general personal background and certain foundational experiences, and questions about foundational concepts and techniques that will require some detail in their respective answers.

Although this is normally the set of questions that employers rely upon when hiring malware techs, malware analysts will be faced with these questions as well.

  1. What Attracted you to malware analysis/working with malware in the first place?

Do not be fooled by how general this question is. This is the time to let your specific background shine and to tell them exactly why you are going down this career path. The best course of action to take would be to chain (Read more...)

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