Rather Than Focusing On Fixing Lame Windows Update System, Microsoft CEO Targets New Electronic Cricket Bat

 Image Credit: Microsoft Corporation

Image Credit: Microsoft Corporation

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Smart Move – Satya – Smart Move Now, what was it you were going to do about the October Creators Update for Windows 10 nagging problem of deleting user documents and other files en mass? Was this a redirection marketing tactic to deflect attention from the recent rash of Microsft Windows Update failures plaguing Redmond; or is it a Lack of Focus Mr. Nadella? (Update: News from Martin Brinkmann at GHacks that the file deletion issue is reportedly fixed). To be fair, an inability to service operating system updates robustly is not just a Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) failure, this SNAFU is a hallmark of the so-called Android ‘ecosystem’ as well. Oh, and I’m a cricket fan as well. Enjoy.

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