Free Osquery Training Course Now On-Demand

I’m excited to share that we have just released free online training to introduce you to osquery. Our goal was to combine quick setup and hands on labs with complete accessibility, so that anyone who wanted to give osquery a try, could.

The idea to do free osquery training began earlier this year when I offered to do a presentation to introduce the FIRST community to osquery at their annual conference. The conference committee asked if I could actually support a hands-on workshop instead. I remembered my first interactions with osquery. There were a bunch of gotchas that were not immediately obvious. When I finally figured out how to bring the right queries together, I was super excited as a security practitioner about the wealth of data I could get, how easily I could get it (once I knew what I was doing), and all of the potential places that I thought osquery could go. I wanted to help others reach that aha! moment too, although maybe in less time and with less frustration.

Free Course Promo-nologo

So, I accepted the challenge from FIRST and created a hands-on lab component (which I initially field tested in Washington DC) to present at the FIRST conference in Kuala Lumpur to a room of about forty incident response practitioners. (Here’s my FIRST Conference presentation and an attendee’s review of various sessions, including the workshop.) People enjoyed having a quick and simple process to get up on osquery and immediately start practicing basic to (Read more...)

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