Cybersecurity is an Embarrassment of Riches

There are about 1,800 cybersecurity companies. They’re all trying to get you to invest a portion of your security budget in their solutions. Many security solutions provide strong value, once instrumented correctly, and especially if their performance is continuously validated. Those that aren’t instrumented never quite deliver the value over time that was seen promised during a proof of concept as a result of defensive regression and organizations aren’t able to discern what in their security inventory is costing them the big bucks.

There are so many options in cybersecurity many organizations aren’t even aware of their security inventory–what they already have, what needs tuning or what needs to be replaced. It’s a true embarrassment of riches. This problem has arisen quite simply because we’ve been doing security wrong.

  • How can we possibly attempt to improve security effectiveness without being able to measure how effectively our security tools are working?
  • How can we request budget and resources without evidence-based data illustrating where the gaps are and what their associated risks are?
  • How can executives make educated business decisions predicated on the analytics of their security team?

The simple answer is, we can’t.

It’s not that we don’t have the right products. Most organizations are running a number of best in breed solutions. It’s not that we don’t have the right people, security analysts tend to be some of the best and brightest in IT. It’s because we haven’t had a way to continuously measure, manage and improve security effectiveness. At least we haven’t had a solution until now.

Security Instrumentation Platforms such as those offered by Verodin allow organizations to automatically and continuously execute real attacks in their production environments in order to finally understand the state of their security effectiveness. Security Instrumentation is a new and different security category with a completely different approach to security. Security Instrumentation Platforms are not trying to replace what you already have. They are there to make sure you get value out of what you’ve got.

If your security effectiveness is best guess or if you are tired of investing time, money and resources without knowing if you are actually getting value, check out what Verodin is offering and see what you can expect from Security Instrumentation.

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