Are you haunted by lame IT and security pro stereotypes? Have some fun this fall and win cool swag in InfoSec Institute’s #HackerHalloween Contest.

October isn’t just for Cyber Security Awareness Month anymore — join us as we embrace (and poke fun at) the HackerMan stereotypes and stigmas the industry can’t seem to shake.

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This October, our #HackerHalloween Contests Include:

  • Photo Contest: Who has the best Hacker Hoodie costume? We’ve all seen those same stock photos that are used to depict hackers. Dark hoodie masking the face. Laptop screen acting as the only light in the room. Maybe an anonymous mask? What’s your take on the all-too-common stereotype? Winners receive an InfoSec Institute hoodie of their own.
  • Photo Contest: What does your battle station look like for Halloween? Do you go all out designing a spooky desk or is it still buried in the clutter you’ve been ignoring as you race to meet deadlines? Winners will receive an anonymous mask!
  • Opinion Poll: What’s the worst depiction you’ve seen of IT professionals? We’ve all seen those terrible embodiments of the job from TV, movies, videos and meme — which is the worst? Find one and tag us on Twitter! Winners will receive an Amazon gift card!

Contest Rules:

  1. Winners must use the hashtag and follow @Infosecedu or our Facebook to win
  2. All winners will be selected via a poll of your peers
  3. All non-original content must be labeled as such

We can’t wait to see you online for #HackerHalloween!

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