G Suite Migration and Backup: Q&A with Clark Construction’s G Suite Admin

Clark Construction Group is one of the most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in the United States. With a workforce spanning a nation and a reputation for delivering award-winning projects, Clark is a company for which collaboration and reliability are key.

That’s why Clark Construction made the decision to move to the cloud, implementing G Suite and its full suite of apps as the centerpiece for business operations. As Chris Walker, the G Suite administrator at Clark, reports, “One of the benefits of using G Suite is having a one-stop-shop. It allows us to use all of their services from virtually anywhere, anytime, with seamless integration.” We spoke with Chris about Clark’s transition to G Suite. Read on to get pointers on making a secure transition to the cloud.

Q: When did you start using G Suite and why?

A: We started using G Suite after the migration from Lotus Notes. The experience has been positive, and we are much more productive in the G Suite environment, collaborating much more effectively with our staff and clients.

Q: What made you realize you must implement backup and recovery to protect your data?

A: Legal compliance and restoring users’ information is key to the success of our disaster recovery policy. It’s critical that we ensure our end users’ data is protected and backed up in the event something is lost.

Spanning Backup is the best insurance policy in the technology market.
— CHRIS WALKER, G Suite Administrator, Clark Construction

Q: What would you say to another company that decided to forgo backup and recovery?

A: Your data is extremely valuable. A huge amount of time and cost are associated with recreating data that gets lost or corrupted as a result of not having backup and putting a retention plan in place before it’s too late. It’s important to have a crutch to lean on when one of your primary systems runs into an issue.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of having a backup and recovery solution for G Suite?

A:  Having the ability to backup and recover lost data is crucial for G Suite. The biggest benefits are saving time, improved data protection, ease of use, and fast implementation. Spanning provided Clark an agile and scalable product that allows us to assign licenses at any instance and recover those that are not in use. Keeping our end-users’ information protected is essential to our success.

After working with other backup providers for a period of time, Clark Construction switched to Spanning to find a winning combination of features, support, and reliability.

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