The Sanger Attestation, ‘The Age of Cyberwar is Here…’

via David E. Sanger (author of ‘The Perfect Weapon’) comes this frank discussion of the true nature of war – in this case, cyber-war) and the effect (some might say ‘affectation’) of certain population groups (whether dis- or en- franchised) therein. Certainly, this week’s Must Read.

“In my national security reporting for the New York Times, I’ve often been struck by the absence of the kind of grand strategic debates surrounding cyber that dominated the first nuclear age. Partly that is because there are so many more players than there were during the cold war. Partly it is because the United States is so politically divided. Partly it is because cyberweapons were created by the US intelligence apparatus, instinctively secretive institutions that always err on the side of overclassification and often argue that public discussion of how we might want to use or control these weapons imperils their utility.” – via The Perfect Weapon by David E. Sanger


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